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That Won't Happen to Me

So, we've all read the stories of the new

business owners that fall prey to the mindset of needing to convert any lead that comes their way. As I read these horror stories of people being up all hours of the night, forgetting to eat meals, working all weekend, and eventually burning out, I thought, "What's wrong with these people?" I figured it out this month.

Any small business owner will tell you that being busy is a good thing. The interpretation of "busy" all too often translates to "I'm in over my head and can't get out!" Why does this happen? Wasn't the whole reason for entrepreneurship to busy out of that rut? Here's why - when you enjoy your work, it doesn't feel like work.

Here is how I know this is a fundamental

truth. I was consistently working 12-14 hours per day for the last three weeks. My goal has always been to blog at least once a month and post several times a week on social. Check out my blog history and social media profiles...nothing!

So that translates into lost opportunities to not only nurture my current clients and leads, but also lost new business as well. I was the subject of an intervention from my team and family. Once I saw the negative impact it was having on not only me, but my family - it was time to fix it. I no longer count a restroom run as a "break". I sit down and eat lunch with my daughter. We play together for awhile and THEN I go back to work.

The pandemic has merged our work and home lives as never before. I am more determined than ever to maintain the proper boundaries and still build my business while helping other small business owners. We have lots of AMAZING things on the horizon at 9 to 5 Office. Be sure to follow us on social so you don't miss out on the fun!

If you're interested in chatting more about how we can help you to manage your day-to-day operations so that you can scale quickly and earn more, get my free guide here.

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