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About Us

chaos. organized.

Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals with extensive administrative training and experience. We like to think of ourselves as your extended family. Mostly because we are family so "it's only human natural." That's an Office quote.


It should be noted that we speak in TV and movie quotes. We also have been known to break out in song while working. We just love this work and our amazing clients!

Our Story

9 to 5 Office was founded with the intention of offering high quality administrative support to small businesses. We saw that small businesses struggled to operate their businesses while trying to grow. We created a fee structure that is a fraction of hiring an employee, but offers the same value. 

Little by little, the team grew. You might say we are genetically predisposed to organization and attention-to-detail. All of us are related (first cousins and/or sisters) and have worked in administration for various fields. It has enhanced our services to have such a diverse background in business. 

We have fun every single day. Hopefully, we can get you and your business to that same point too!

Our Clients

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