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Crushing Q2 Effortlessly

Okay, so maybe not "effortlessly", but definitely with less effort. We all set out business intentions each year - financial or otherwise - fully prepared to crush those goals. Then April comes around. You did your taxes and maybe feel like (1) you didn't get where you wanted to last year or (2) you killed it and are afraid of losing momentum.

Either way, the solution is the same. Go find where your people are and talk to them. We all have certain types of people or industries we cater to in business. Check out what social media groups they are in. See what events they're attending.

Having started a business during lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic, I've been so excited to do more in-person networking events! You can really connect on a more personal level when you are able to be in the same room with people.

Recently, our team attended a small business expo and learned some pretty valuable networking advice which we put into practice immediately upon getting back. Here is a breakdown of what you should be doing:

  1. At least one in-person networking event per month

  2. At least two virtual networking events per month

  3. Consider joining a local business networking group

This was eye-opening for our team as we were sporadic, at best, with our networking efforts. Much like social media, showing up and being consistent increases your ability to crush your goals.

We've already seen it working for us, so don't discount the power of networking! Be sure to share your wins with us on social. We love seeing our clients succeed!!

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