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Do You Love It?

At least three times a day my 5-year-old daughter asks me this question. From her absolutely stellar fashion choices to her artwork that is open to interpretation, it always follows with, "Do you love it?"

It got me thinking about our busy lives during the week. If we are being completely honest with ourselves, we can't possibly "love" every aspect of the work we do. But, we should love the work.

This blog post is a perfect example. I've been off the grid here recently due to getting heavily invested in aspects of my business that I don't totally love. Think of aspects as maybe high school sweetheart material, not a long-term commitment. Yesterday, I set the intention to finally write again because I genuinely LOVE it.

While I'm not great at talking about my feelings, I can put them on paper like nobody's business. So, here is my truth bomb for the day: If you don't love it, leave it! If you are still working a dead end job that doesn't seem to be moving you any closer to where you want to be professionally or personally, why stay?

I think we all get emotionally invested in our work when we know we are good at it. It becomes a passion. But, in the corporate world, there are 15 different people that need to see it your way before you actually get a green light on what you know to be a solution. You know what can solve that? When YOU make those calls.

It's the most liberating thing when you can make a decision for your business that you feel confident about and then see the results come to fruition exactly as planned. Full disclosure - sometimes they crash and burn too and that's okay. It's all part of the journey. It's never too late to look at how you could be your own boss.

We are actively working toward enhancing our consulting services for not only existing business owners, but for those that don't even see entrepreneurship on the horizon for themselves. We can see it for you. And trust us...It's amazing! Don't believe me? Let me prove you wrong. Schedule a free discovery call today.

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