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Back to School...maybe

So for many of us parents, we are sending our munchkins (or an older version filled with angst) back to school. This year it felt like an even more stressful start which is certainly expected given the year we don't speak of.

For me, the emotions were varied for several reasons. First, we were conflicted with in-person learning given the recent spike of COVID-19 cases. Also, sending our little one to Kindergarten was a tough moment. Then there is the sweetness of working from home and not having to answer to "Mom! Mom! Mom!"

Full disclosure, I miss her voice. Needless to say, we do these things because this is the process of growing up. Both for us as parents, and for our kids. We make decisions based on the information we have, we give ourselves a pep talk when we need it, and we relish in the small wins we may have.

Guess what? The same is true with business. We can't afford to be indecisive, we need to work on our mindset, and savor those sweet victories even though they are small. If you plan to enjoy entrepreneurship (or parenting for that matter), work at doing these three things regularly.

1) Set a deadline for making a decision you've been procrastinating on and stick to it! Make yourself accountable by telling a team member about the deadline or a friend or colleague.

2) Mindset is a daily struggle, so it should be worked on that frequently. Get your day started off right with setting intentions for the day. This will give you razor sharp focus and lead you too....

3) Celebrate the little things. Did you check everything off your list? Awesome! Go get a pedicure to celebrate. Did you meet your quarterly earnings goal? Buy that pair of shoes that you've had your eye on. Did your team kill it this month? Do a fun team building exercise or go out for a nice dinner. The possibilities here are endless. The main thing is if you don't see more than the financial ROI, you're going to get discouraged.

Of course, the best way to reach those goals is to start looking at what you can hand off to someone else. Schedule a free consultation session with us today to get some tips on what you can do to earn more today! We can't help with your kids though, sorry.

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