Sharon Theroux, PhD

Founder, South Florida Center for Mindfulness

Kristen has worked for us at South Florida Psychology for the past 6 years, a small but diverse mental health practice. She has been invaluable to us, not only in managing our patient load, billing, and accounts payable, but in the establishment and growth of our sister companies, the South Florida Center for Mindfulness and International Seminars Group. She is one of the brightest, most organized people I know. She has a very kind demeanor, and has a wonderful sense of humor which helps a lot during stressful times. We hope to have her continued presence in our lives as we slowly wind down in our careers.

Christopher Fichera, PhD

Founder, South Florida Psychology

As a forensic and clinical psychologist who has been in practice for more than 30 years, I have had the opportunity to employ a number of office managers and assistants over the years. I can say, without any hesitation whatsoever, that Kristen has been heads and shoulders above all of them. Her professionalism, reliability, and multiple sophisticated skill sets have proven to be invaluable to the maintenance and growth of our practice. I am confident that Kristen will have an immediate positive impact on any organization fortunate enough to work with her. She is truly an uncommonly competent woman and I am happy to offer her my highest recommendation.

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